Vinyl Go-Go Boots and World Domination

The most coveted thing on earth to me were these white vinyl go-go boots. Zip up side. Super shiny.
I was seven.
Everyone came to my house to play dress up. My mom’s castaways were pretty damn good. And I shared everything…except the boots. Touch the boots and you’re gonna get hurt.
Somewhere…on the face of this earth…there exists a picture of me in those white go-go boots, with a blue wrap dress, and a turban carrying my dad’s backgammon board.
I don’t get it either. But it’s beautiful.
We just finished shooting the pics to the site. And i’m really proud of the collection. If i was seven, i would be pretty damn pleased in raiding my twenty-something self’s closet. And you can come over and raid it with me, we’ll eat cookies and giggle…stand in front of mirrors and lip synch into our hairbrushes on our favorite songs. We will be rock stars and own the world. We will be punk rock girls musing in the gutter. We will be starlets from the 50s dreaming at soda shop counters and femme fatales from the 40s with guns tucked in our gartered stockings.
And most importantly….
We will have a working plan for world domination….and it will start right here :-)!