Who Needs Boys When You Got a Hula??

While waiting for water to boil for dinner tonight…I flipped on the radio and was overwhelmed with the need to hula.
It happens.
I grabbed my hot pink hula and sang along with the radio. I made myself giggle outloud.
I’ve been hula hooping since I was 14 and have won numerous contests for longest spin. The longest I have ever needed to spin in contests was 47 minutes. Once I only needed to spin for about 15 minutes to be the winner. That was sad. On my own, I can spin for over two hours if so inclined. I have won countless radio station mugs and keychains, a beach blanket, a 50s tape, a plastic fruit necklace and other various kitchy things symbolizing the perfection of my craft.
I am insane.
I can’t do any tricks at all. I just spin. Forever. If you watch for too long I will put you in a trance. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
I used to watch the Psychedelic Furs video collection “All of This and Nothing” over and over while I hula-hooped. Tip to wanna be Hula Champs out there (if there are any besides me 🙂 – it is good to focus on something else intently instead of thinking about what you are doing for maximum spin time. Preferably hot, mesmerizing things like Richard Butler of the Furs. Heehee!
It is interesting to note that the hula hoop was banned in Japan and that the Soviet Union said that the hula hoop was an example of the “emptiness of American culture.” It existed in ancient Egypt…and I am certain that Cleopatra was a hula girl! There is no other way to rule the world.
Speaking of ruling the world….the hula is on my 13 point plan of world domination. Just in case you were wondering….