Lost Picture and Blue Eyeshadow

First of all…thank you so much for writing sweet letters about Greta. It made me happy…she thanks you and so do I.
This was me when I was a traveling gypsy….
My Mom dug this old picture up when she read World Domination and Go-Go Boots (my first dangerdiary entry), so that I could share this beautiful weirdness with the world. I was so happy she found it because I thought it was lost forever. THANK YOU MOM…for digging through mountains of pics to find this gem! It was nice to see my beloved white side zip go-go boots again…! I was five in this picture.
And crazy.
Nothing has changed but my age (and well…I wouldn’t match a turban with a silk dress and white boots AND a backgamon board. That lies in the freedom of being five.)
Enjoy the lunancy.
PS….it is my Grandma Hergenhan’s birthday today…she was a wild and beautiful spirit who sang me songs, read me faerie tales, made me believe that magical things exist AND loved blue eyeshadow. So live your day happy and magical, celebrate EVERYTHING and wear a little bit of baby blue eyeshadow for Grandma…