Help is on the Way

I apologize that I haven’t posted much in my journal lately. For those of you who don’t already know…I was attacked in the face by a very angry rottweiler. Everything is going to be fine…but that’s my excuse for not writing…”the dog ate my homework” if you will….
I do promise to be on my best behavior and post regularly from here on out. For a few weeks there, I did nothing but slather cocoa butter on wounds and take painkillers. Not very exciting journal writing. Me drooling on the couch. I didn’t want to do that to me. Let alone do that to you.
So I’m temping at this new place…and you know how I love to daydream. The message on the pic is on the elevator panel. I was drawn to it immediately. One day the light will go on and when the doors open again I will step out into the most lovely day I’ve seen…
And I won’t even question why the 16th floor no longer is an office space… There will be an open road