Wander with Me

It’s late. And sleep is permeating my room. I closed the door, locked it even. But it came in through the cracks underneath…through the keyhole… And it’s spell has taken hold of me. Lulling me. So for these last few seconds of this day…i have the whispers of waiting dreams in my ear. And all their promises…..
Springtime soon…back to the long sunshine days…ending with wishes on fireflies and sleep under stars.
So many adventures ahead…so many new beautiful days. This is just the beginning.
And the road is calling….
“come out, come out wherever you are….”
I’ll make you take pictures of me in front of every state welcome sign to prove I was there. Doing silly poses, blowing kisses, laughing without covering my mouth….
We can be wherever you want. Just close your eyes.
I’ll be there in moments.
“At least from the gutter, we can see straight up to the stars….”