The Golden Trailer Awards!

It is my giddy, happy, wonderful, and delirious pleasure to announce that Revolver has been nominated for the “Best Trailer, No Movie” category of the Golden Trailer Awards in LA.
I’ve gotten so many supportive emails from many of you regarding the film. Thanks so much because it’s those emails that encourage us and keep us going always.
It should be noted, that ALL, and I do mean ALL of the people involved in making Revolver happen, from shooting to editing, from acting to lighting, from wardrobe to production, – every single person did it for the sheer fact that they believed in the screenplay, and believed in the project (’cause Honey, I didn’t have a damn dime in my pocket to pay!) And I am utterly grateful to each and every one of them, who made the dream come true, who gave it life, who cradled it and fed it, and made it their dream, too.
And damn, the emails that I get from all of you……!!!!!!! Thanks for being so supportive and writing such encouraging and ass-kicking letters. They are wonderful to print out and hang around my little room for the days when people say “no” and it “can’t happen”, because if you know me…I don’t take no for an answer and looking at your notes makes me remember I’ve got a mass indie army backing me up!!! We’ve got FIGHT! Grrrrrrrrr and ME-OW!!!! Kisses to you! So thanks to all of you for making it happen thus far. For supporting Danger Dame…as it in turn supports Revolver. Cross your fingers…wish, wish and wish….
It is also a cute little note…that I have NEVER been to Las Vegas. I know. Crazy, right? Never. In the film, my character, Blue, dreams of getting to Las Vegas. She clutches her favorite old postcard of Vegas and dreams of all the adventures there…of hitting it big and believing in luck. And the other night, I booked my flight into Vegas…properly fitting that I finally get there while involving a amazing opportunity for Revolver. My dear friend, Andrew, said it best, when he said…”Blue finally reaches her destination, while Veronica takes a grand leap towards telling the story.”
So with that…close your eyes. Hold my hands, think beautiful thoughts….and let’s leap…shall we?