Luck Be A Lady Tonight.

…and so this lil’ girl finally gets to her beloved Vegas.
ahhh, the neon signs from the 1950s, the little wedding chapels everywhere, the endearing tawdriness of it all. It was everything I ever dreamed of. Ever.
At 11:59pm on May 24th, I was sitting by the windowsill on the 17th floor of the Lady Luck Casino Motel, looking over Las Vegas. I was the only one awake, and I had put two candles on the sill and had just finished stringing rosebuds for good luck to bring with me for the awards. Across all the blinking lights, I could see a large digital clock on top of one of the buildings. 11:59. 11:59. 11:59.
12:00. The very first moment of May 25th. The day of the Golden Trailer Awards. I thought to myself…”by the end of today, I will know if Revolver will win or not.” I was living in the very day that I had waited a really long time for.
For about an hour afterwards, I just stared out at all the lights. It was one of the best nights of my life, just looking over Vegas with my own eyes – the very place that I had stared at postcards of for years.
And there I was. In it.
And for that moment, sitting up there, leaning against the window of my thirty bucks a night motel room, my sleepy eyes edged in glitter, I was queen of it all…