Fasten Your Seatbelts

On the way home from Vegas.
Top things that happened on the trip that I will never forget til the day I die (in order):
1. Getting goosebumps in the airport coming into Vegas with the sounds of the slot machines clicking and ringing and singing and winning.
2. Seeing the famous old “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign in real life, which I have stared at in old postcards for forever.
3. Placing one bet at the roulette wheel at the Lady Luck Casino, and winning $145, and Burke and my Dad pulling me from the table before I bet it all on black.
4. Taking the beautiful drive across the desert, singing in the car, stringing more rosebuds (not while driving), meeting cool people along the way at random roadside stops, getting a good chance to laugh a lot with my Dad talking about old stories.
5. Walking the red carpet of the Orpheum Theatre and having the cameras go off like crazy. Then doing the rounds of interviews. We were kind of famous for one night. It was bizarrely fun. It gave me visions of being completely self-destructive and then trashing the hotel room when we got back. But then I realized that you have to be famous AND rich to do that. So I just threw the do not disturb plastic sign on the carpet and stomped on it. And then I put it back so I wouldn’t get in trouble.
6. My legs shaking like crazy from the second the lights went down in the theatre and the awards started. To the point that if they ever called us, I thought I might fall.
7. The second Jeremy Sisto’s mouth formed the “R” of Revolver, after the words “and the winner is…”. One of the happiest split seconds of my life.
8. The feeling I got standing up on stage, with Revolver playing in the background on a full big screen, standing there with Burke, seeing all those people in the audience and having my Dad there. Being able to share Revolver with them…and thinking to myself how this all started from being broke and sitting on a Brooklyn fire escape one night. How Burke and I told stories back and forth about this fictious world of ours. How those nights turned into scribblings in my diary, how that turned into the screenplay, which turned into the promotional trailer, which turned into this… I had to take a moment to stop myself from crying.
9. Calling my Mom at 2am eastern time to tell her the good news and the two of us laughing and crying with happiness.
9. Meeting Steveo, the graphics genius, for the first time. He created the Revolver logo and did all the amazing graphics for the trailer. The Revolver trailer wouldn’t have been the same without him. He really took it to the next level, and made it his own. We had never met him before that night. And I was really glad that we got to meet celebrating the win of our collective baby. You have to check out his site because 1) it’s fun just watching his reel and 2) if you need a graphics guy, he’s the man. Trust me.
SteveO with the trophy
10. Meeting really great people at the afterparty who are serious about getting Revolver made.
11. Staying in a haunted Hollywood hotel on Sunset Blvd. Yes. You heard right. Haunted. For two nights. It was a total old kitchy 50s hotel with the neon all cute outside. Well…let’s just say, the tv kept going on at random times by itself and got louder and louder and louder. It would then shut off by itself. Etc. All night. Until it was unplugged. I figured there must be some kind of explanation and asked the guy at the front desk. As soon as I said jokingly, “So what’s the deal with my haunted room?” He said, “237?” And I said “yeah?” And he said that they’ve gotten tons of complaints about that room being haunted in the past with lights going on and off, and the tv turning on and stuff like that. He asked me if I wanted to move to another room, and I said no. Why move to a normal room, when you can have a good story like that? My super cute 1950s haunted Hollywood hotel room. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
12. Going to the Chinese Theatre between meetings. Seeing the Hollywood sign in real life (another thing I had only seen on TV before). Seeing Johnny Cash’s star on the walk. Finding a gorgeous reproduction of a 1940s femme fatale fitted business jacket and pencil skirt with black faux fur cuffs and collar that fit me perfectly. After all, every girl needs a fine 1940s business suit to wear when in negotiations for taking over the world. Thank goodness I found mine. Whew.
13. Taking the drive back to Las Vegas from LA with the trophy in the car with us. Because the whole way to LA, I kept thinking…by the next time I see all of this again on the way back to Vegas…I’ll know whether we won or not. And it felt good to leave LA with it with us!
14. Taking off in the plane at 1am leaving Vegas. Watching all the lights from the plane. Dreaming of all the good things to come…