Let Me Make You Forget About Time

(Getting touched up moments before the high speed chase scene through the old junk yard.)
I want to share the story with you so badly. I want to take you from wherever you are and bring you here. Into this world of Revolver with me. So, I’m going to be posting pictures from the shoot for you in the next couple of weeks. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time there, daydreaming, writing my wishes on the backs of old postcards. And I’m leaving this one in my journal for you to find :-)…
There is a gorgeous whirlwind around Revolver right now. More and more people are hearing about it. The hits to the site have jumped to the tens of thousands, and the trailer is constantly being downloaded (which makes it a little slower sometimes…don’t be mad).
I hope you’ve seen it. I hope you took a peek of what my world looks like. I hope you want more.
And if you do…send the link to your friends, spread the word. The more it comes up in conversations, the more it gets out there, the more doors fly open. I love how this film is getting out there in such a grassroots way…because it really is a film about the underdogs. It’s about all of us.
Keep writing to me. I love the letters I get from all of you, they make me fight even harder.
I promise you one day you will see it all.
And there will be all my beloved 1950s postcards scattered before you. My collection of old matchbooks from the road. The lure of the 2-lane dusty highways spanning across America. For there is no feeling of freedom like being behind the wheel. When time doesn’t mean anything, and there’s just instincts to go by.
You know what I mean.
And today’s feeling like a lucky day…
Don’t you think?