Get your Rabbit Ears on.

Listen up, all you sassy kittens and kats…
It’s the Summertime…and you know you’re looking for some good records to throw on that are just as fiery as you’re feeling. Well, well, well…you gotta see what I stumbled across… This sexy, bluesy song just makes me wanna dance in a 1950s pin-up girdle on a hot summer night with an old black steel cage fan blowing my way! You know what I mean. Yee-OW.
The song is called the CB Song and is by my friend, David Lee’s band…Those Legendary Shack Shakers.
They are passionate as all hell about the music, and they have worked their asses off – so you can feel really good about supporting them. Cause we’re all in the trenches together, don’t you know! If their song puts a crazy hypnotic spell on you like it did to me, you can snatch up your own copy here.
My favorite description of them is “…strikes you with force of Jerry Lee Lewis, Iggy Pop, and Elmer Gantry showing up for a bar fight.”
And doesn’t everyone love a good old brawl?