Cupcake, anyone?

Okay…so I’ve never made cupcakes before. This is my triumphant picture of making cupcakes with an oven that just switches either on or off. Which means the temperature just rises and rises and once it gets to a certain point I just have to switch it off and open the door to bring the temperature down. Me and my glamourous life.
The oven in my apartment is kind of like the Easy Bake Oven for adults, with the only difference being that the Easy Bake Oven is way better.
Spent the fourth of July listening to delightfully scratchy recordings of ol’ Satchmo on National Public Radio, which got me insanely inspired as he overcame so much to live out his dreams. Then I delved into printing out investor packages for the film and making copies of the screenplay to send out to producers tomorrow. Perhaps I should just hold a bake sale to get the rest of the funding. mmmm.
Kisses and cupcakes to Karen and Jen in Houston and Dawn in Milwaukee for the beautiful letters you sent, and to Sacha for sending along a special ‘lil mix cd and ads from the 40s. Thank you with colorful sprinkles on top!