Selling my Soul…Cheap!…on Ebay!

Me, three years ago…doing my very first picture for ebay. It cracks me up. Look how short my hair is…and what the hell am I doing even trying to do “natural” looking makeup?
This was my first step into becoming an entrepreneur, as the bidding started at a mere 9 bucks and jumped up to a selling price of $78 as my Mom and I screamed over the phone in joy. It worked. I was quitting my day job.
Now, you can see my stock of pretty, frilly Betsey Johnson dresses up on ebay…click here! The money is going towards getting a hot lil silkscreening kit so I can lovingly make you Danger Dame and Revolver tees, and I know you want that, right?
So bid to your hearts’ content, my Pretties…..
And three weeks from now…I’ll have fabulous new items added to Danger Dame…just you wait!