Heya, Little Cutie!
Miss Margaret Elizabeth! My new lil’ niece. Miss Maggie Beth was born this past week to my brother, Brian and sister-in-law, Maryanne. She was going to be born when I was visiting, but always the lady, she wanted to arrive fashionably late.
How cute is this picture?? She’s such a little sweetheart. I can’t wait to meet her and sing her songs and talk silly baby-talk to her. All she’s missing is the cute little punk rock “anarchy” baby tee. You can tell she’s a fighter, she’s got the fists ready to go, and the squint going on.
Little girls are so much fun, because they really dig my closet. I have the best picture of their older daughter, Kayla, after she raided my closet clomping around in my black heels, a big white feather boa and huge cateye sunglasses with rhinestones. Yeah, I make kids look like circus freaks, that’s why I’m only mature enough to have pets.
Ahhh, it seems like yesterday when Brian and I were racing down I-95 going nine million miles an hour screaming the Blur’s Song Number Two (the whoo hoo song) at the top of our lungs. Now we’ve got a little one to join in the tradition, too.
Congrats to Brian and Maryanne… now Maggie Beth, get in your carseat and sing it with us….”Whoo- HOO!”