They say it’s your Birthday…!

Happy happy birthday to one of my very best friends in the entire world…my beautiful Mom! I feel like one of the absolute luckiest people in the world to have this wonderful human being as my Mother and a best friend. She has always been and continues to be one of my biggest inspirations and heroes. She is always encouraging me to go for my dreams and was the one who had the idea that I should start selling beautiful dresses online. She’s the original Danger Dame – sassy, intelligent, graceful and gorgeous (inside and out)! The woman could start a revolution with the lift of her finger.
Mom…thanks for being such an amazing friend to me. Thank you for instilling in me that I can be anything in the world I dream to be. Your beautiful open heart and kindness has showed me how to live happily in this world and enjoy every minute.
Have an awe-inspiring birthday…filled with lots of good wishes and hugs from me. I love you so much. And before you know it, we’ll be hanging out together, driving all over the place, going to the beach and laughing over all our stories, shopping together, eating ice cream and hitting the old merchantile in search of our beloved pigs!
Happy Birthday, Beautiful!