You Want Fries With That Shake, Dollface?

Mmmmmmmm… you’re asking yourself, “What outfit would look super kitten pin-up on me for Halloween?”
This candy stripe girl outfit is purrrrrrfect for Halloween! And not only that…it’s handmade by my amazingly talented friend Angela. It’s sturdy and sexy. No flimsy Halloween costume! And did I mention ridiculously sexy? ME-OWWWW!
So, if you wanna order the Candy Girl 1950s Pin Up Halter Top and the matching Candy Girl 1950s Pencil Skirt, I’m gonna give you the cute lil’ nurse hat for free (I’ve only got a few left). Because…well it makes the outfit. And it’s fun. And it’s almost a year anniversary of the store being open. And ’cause I love you. And cause I want you to look pin up sexy for Halloween. And I want you to give other people severe cases of whiplash just lookin’ at your purdy lil’ self in this get-up!
Your Halloween gift from me….! ***MWAH!****
I hope everyone has a great time cookin’ up what they wanna be for Halloween this year. It’s always fun to pretend like you’re seven and dress up. I do it almost every day! **wink!**