Fortune Cookie Coat

October’s chill was in the air this morning so I grabbed my black and white check coat from the back of my closet and put it on. It’s been quite a while since I’ve worn that coat because last winter I found my pink wool faux fur coat that I love so much.
After I put it on and buttoned it, I stood by the door for about ten minutes before leaving. I thought to myself… “You know…there’s probably something in the pockets, right?” Probably. Knowing me…there’s a receipt or change or a note or something left in there.
Well…I hoped. Because it’s kind of fun to get a little message from yourself from two years prior. The simple joys of putting on an old coat. Then, still standing by the door, I tried to guess what it would be. Change. Definitely. Probably a receipt.
Right before I put my hands in my pockets, I had really hoped I wasn’t feeling overly productive and cleaned the pockets out on the day that I had last hung it up.
In the left pocket was 72 cents, a bank receipt from the beginning of April 2003, and in the right pocket was this.
Synchronicity, I adore you.
Just yesterday, in my book journal, I wrote how terrifying achieving dreams are, when I look at the big picture. But by just doing small things every day, I can get closer and closer to my dreams – and before I know it, I’ll reach them. I just have to keep going strong.
I really am enjoying the adventure getting there. My wish is to always have my eyes and heart open to inspiration. To achieve those moments when my skin is covered in goosebumps when something – an idea, a song, a book, art, someone’s story – has just touched some absolute truth. Those times when you say to yourself, “yes, this is it. this is it.” And you just know.
You know.
I hope all of you who read this have a really beautiful day. Sending you hugs this morning. We are all powerful people in our individual ways. So let’s all go out there and take one step closer to the dream.
The world awaits, my friends….