There is Always More…

Good things come to those who wait….
The photo above is one of the shots from the new Juliet series. It didn’t quite go with the rest of the ones that I put up…but I really liked the idea of it, so I wanted to share. Just staring at the ceiling…dreaming or lost? Read whatever you like into it, you make your own story…
The Casablanca shoot was originally scheduled to be on a pier, but the cops busted us. It was pretty funny…me all dressed up, Burke carrying this huge camera case, and Max carrying this huge reflective light bounce board…and the cop came up to us and said, “You’re not doing a photoshoot out here are you?” And I said, “No, definitely not. We would never do that.” Then we both looked at each other in silence for a minute knowing full well that we were and then I said, “Five seconds? Please?” He wasn’t having it. Even with a permit, it was technically state property. He was nice about it though, just doing his job. Note to self: Bring cupcakes to bribe with next time.
So we walked over the bridge right before the sun was going down and shot it fast while the bridge operator kept waving his hands at us like he was gonna call the cops, too. Note to self: Make two batches of cupcakes for bribing next time, and learn to run faster in heels.
Tomorrow I’ll write the story of the Lucy in Wonderland photoshoot. Because it’s pretty funny. I nearly went to jail dressed as Lucille Ball for that one. Ah, guerilla photoshooting in NYC at its finest.
It just seems like all the cool places in the city are either the ones it would cost a zillion dollars to shoot at, or they are no trespassing places. And well…I don’t have a zillion dollars. So I ask you…what’s a girl to do?
Speaking of a zillion dollars…hahaha…I have an assortment of campy, gorgeous things up on ebay for Halloween, and I’ll be adding more stuff later today…burlesque outfits and everything. And I have plenty of things you’ll enjoy. So take a peek!
Oh… and if you’re interested…I’m starting a little mailing list for specials and when new pics come up, drop me a line and I’ll add you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.
Thanks for your really sweet letters and encouragement, for Danger Dame and for my film, Revolver. It really keeps me going and makes me realize just how broad our legions go. We truly are an army. All of us together.
And to make you laugh…I’m re-posting the picture of me from almost a year ago…delivering my first packages for Danger Dame to the post office. Getting blinded by snow. It was really fun.
I am completely insane.