The Wheels on the Matchbox Go Round and Round

The road whispers my name again…you know you wanna come along…
This is me being psychotic in front of the Massachusetts sign…I have a thing about being photographed in front of every state sign that I’ve roadtripped through. I have a collection of about 25 different state signs across the US at this point. Although I had been through Massachusetts before on a Greyhound, I didn’t get the damn road sign picture.
You try tellin’ a Greyhound bus driver he’s gotta pull over so you can get a picture in front of the sign. I imagine passengers have been backed over by Greyhound bus drivers by making that exact request in the past.
It was snowing when I took this. The roads were icy…everyone on the road was doing nine million miles an hour…the sign came up out of nowhere and I immediately careened to the side. I ran out in the snow and grabbed the camera…half of Massachusetts was beeping at me when this picture was taken.
I have to say…I’ve never driven six hours by myself on a roadtrip before…and I was kind of nervous about it. But after doing it, I HIGHLY recommend it. I wrote about nine different screenplays in my head, I sang at the top of my lungs, I enjoyed the scenery, I waved happily at fellow drivers for no reason, I was just kind of thrilled to be alive and adventuring on my own on a beautiful crisp day.
All to see these two….
My nephew, Simon Jupiter and my brother, Ryan ♥ ♥ ♥
and to see my brother’s band play…
All I can say is that I was blown away by how amazing they were. They packed the place full with over 300 people there. There was no room on the dance floor and when they were closing down the place, the crowd started freaking out stomping their feet and screaming for another song. The owner let them play one more song even though it was past closing time because she thought there was going to be a riot.
That’s my brother!
After meeting a bunch of really amazing people, having great conversations and dancing my ass off all night long…my brother and I talked until the sun came up.
He even let me borrow his toothbrush and didn’t think twice about it. Now that’s love.
We decided for some reason that it would be really funny if we closed opposite eyes to wink.
We were sleep deprived. Please forgive us.
The morning came and I finally got to see my little Simon Jupiter!!!!!
This is a picture of us making wishes together. We kept whispering in each other’s ears what we wished for and one of his wishes was that when his daddy’s house was sold, he wished he could come live with his Aunt Bunny (that’s me…) awwwwwwwwww.
He made me this… “A portrait of Aunt Bunny”….
and I made him this….
Simon Jupiter loves to draw and paint. My brother recently got one of Simon’s first drawings tattooed on his arm. You can turn it around to make out different images…
It’s a bird…… It’s a plane……
It’s a shark……. It’s a rocket……
Simon J shows his Aunt Bunny around. He is holding MY hand, mind you, not the other way around…he was concerned I might get lost seeming as how I’d never been to Maine before.
Kids dig me because I look like a pink muppet.
Then we hit the children’s museum where he dressed up as an owl…
and as an astronaut..the commander is the two year old in the orange.
I told Simon that I was taking the pictures so that I could put it up in my journal and everybody all over the world who came to my site could see them.
He insisted on taking a picture for all of you.
Simon took this picture of an orange hamster thing and was very excited about sharing his message of a happy orange hamster thing with the whole entire world…
ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, WORLD….love, Simon Jupiter….
My heart is all silly happy right now.