A Nation of Millions Couldn’t Hold Us Back

Danny Lugosi from A Hollow Grave wrote a song about my character Blue for
I can tell you that the lyrics he sent me are amazing (and made me scream outloud) and the second the recording happens, I will post it on this site. The fact that Danny worked on a song for Revolver means so much to me. I’ve just been really thankful for all the support I’ve received from creative people that I I am in utter awe over…and the fact that they believe in my project, too.
Not only did Danny write this song, he also gave me the coding so I can run my little ol’ film trailer all over the internet…and since then, I’ve gotten emails from near and far that are really encouraging. Danny’s also a screenwriter, working on a project called Dancing on The Grave of Rock and Roll, which I know is going to be a heartbreaking smash.
With all of us banding together, we can’t lose. Our army will be so strong, we could never be ignored.
Thanks to all of the people who have come into my life with spirit and guts and the willingness to lay themselves down on railroad tracks. I’d do the same for all of you… and you know who you are.
Thank you for all for lovin’ me with your punk rock horror, runaway cross-country, bank-robbing, desperate creative hearts…..
♥ to the end.