Birthday Girl

Break out the glitter and diamond tiaras, Dollies! It’s my BIRTHDAY!
Featuring the best birthday cake ever made for me in the history of all time…by my Mom! ♥
Me and the Bear in one of my best birthdays ever…and the birthday that started the annual birthday celebration in Central Park! That year, the gang of us raided the ritzy Tavern on the Green Restaurant in Central Park and my friend, Paul made the entire restaurant sing Happy Birthday to me while a seven foot bear and bunny walked through the dining area, and I hulahooped in my wings and pink glitter. And we didn’t even get thrown out, although the second the song was over, we got out of there fast. How much do I love my insane and wonderful friends? More than I can say…. It’s days like that that I live for.
Random birthday trivia: my dear Central Park and I share the same birthday. She’s a little bit older than me…clocking in at 152 years this morning. This is Burke and I at my birthday picnic two years ago in a picture taken by the associated press for the 150th year celebration of the park and was plastered across newspapers all over the country.
This is my birthday from when I was five with my gang of friends…I’m the blonde on the left with the pink frisbee. The only thing that’s changed is that I traded in my pink frisbee for my world famous pink hula hoop!
So, right now…RUN…to the nearest drug store, pick yerself up some glitter and doll yourself up in celebration! Do it for me, wouldja?
Just trust me on this one…today is a great day for wishes to come true…so make a wish for yourself…and revel around in the sunshine for me…
I’m feelin’ LUCKY today, and I’m happy to be alive! Thanks for reading this, and for being my friends….and know that a series of wonderful, gorgeous adventures await….
♥ ♥ ♥