Jaede, Jewel of Pinups!

The best part about owning Danger Dame is the really amazing emails and photos that I receive from girls around the world – vamping it up in the clothes they snagged from my little boutique. Pictures from Norway, New Zealand, Japan, France, Italy, China, Germany, Sweden and of course the USA!
And now, I wanna share them with you! Starting this Friday, I will be showcasing a new Danger girl every week! If you’ve sent me your photos of you in something you bought from my boutique, be on the lookout for those pictures here in my journal starting this Friday!
And…if you want to be featured as a Danger Girl – send in your pictures of you wearing something you’ve purchased from my store and I’ll be happy to put them up and link to your sites!
The first Danger Girl that I’m showcasing is the lovely pin-up girl, Miss Jaede, a diehard Danger customer who has been with me since the beginning…
She’s an angel and it’s her BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
I first met Jaede through Danger Dame. When I was emailing her back and forth about her order, her and I became fast friends – emailing about our adventures, our love of all things 50s and sharing photos. She sent me photos of her pinup work and I was really impressed. She is one of my favorite pin-up girls, and one day next year we’re gonna cut up the rug together at Viva Las Vegas. She’s got a heart of gold and I’m proud to have her be a Danger Girl!
Happy Birthday, Miss Jaede…sending you Vegas dreams, luck and love beyond your wildest dreams always!