Why Dontcha Come Up and See Me Sometime?

Thought I’d share…a new photo from Burke Heffner
I just found out that I will be singing at the 1930’s French lounge, Rue B this evening.
Yes. That means tonight. As in Wednesday, August 3rd. As in 10pm. Drag your darling self over to 188 Avenue B between 11th and 12th in the East Village.
I promise to drape myself over their Steinway piano and channel Jessica Rabbit. Yes, I promise to break your heart in a million pieces as I sing in English and in bad French.
I will make you feel like you’ve stepped into your own black and white film noir. And well, you don’t wanna get mixed up with a girl like me, Fella. And besides…there’s alcohol there…so the more you drink, the better I sound.
Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid.