I haven’t written lately, because with everything going on in New Orleans…I’m not quite sure what to say. Looking at the grand scope of the tragedy, it makes me feel unbelievably powerless. My heart and all its good wishes go out to the people and animals affected by the hurricane. I wish I could wrap you all up in my arms and keep you safe from any more harm. I wish I could go there and help out, like my amazing friend, Slim will be doing at the end of the month.
I was trying to think of other ways to help and I’ve donated to both the Red Cross and the North Shore Animal League Hurricane Katrina Rescue because its important to remember that both humans and animals were affected by the tragedy in New Orleans. But I want to try and do more…so until the end of the month…10% of all of my sales at Danger Dame will be donated to Katrina Relief. So pass the word around, I would like to make a really good donation on behalf of the Danger Girls. Also, there is a burlesque benefit in the works for the victims of Katrina and I’ll let you know about that as soon as there is a final word.
Speaking of burlesque benefits, burlesque superstar and a friend of mine, Lola Ramona, recently had all her things destroyed when a fire in her building set off the sprinkler system while she was away and she needs help getting back on her feet. We are all happy that she is safe and sound, and now we’re trying to get together and help her out! This benefit was planned before Hurricane Katrina happened, and afterwards, Lola insisted that we give all of the raffle (and a REALLY good raffle it is) to the Red Cross for Katrina Relief.
at the Lucky Cat Lounge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
245 Grand Street between Driggs and Roebling
More Info here: Save Lola Burlesque Benefit
So, if you’re around, PLEASE come down. It’s to help our good friend Lola, who is seriously an amazing and kind human being. PLUS, you get to see some damn good burlesque. I hope you can make it.
Love to everyone…