Miss Janey Danger

I just stumbled in from the Save Lola Benefit and it was an absolute success! The house was packed for our dear Lola and also $270 was raised in the raffle for New Orleans. Thank you, thank you and thank you to my dear friends and co-conspirators that came out this evening. I have the most dangerously sexy friends ever and I hope I left cherry red kiss prints all over your damn faces.
Now, it is technically the wee hours of Friday morning, so…drumroll, please…
Introducing the divine Miss Janey Danger from Australia. Janey is wearing her sweet lil’ Casablanca Dress (on sale now! Whoo hoo!). Janey kicks ass because I asked her if she could find insane Australian backgrounds for her pictures and she did. I mean, a friggin’ huge acorn and a pineapple. It doesn’t get better than that.
Janey lurks in downtown Brisbane, Australia where she is best known for her exotic bass stylings fronting her band, The Janey Pelvis Project. Recently she has taken to spending inordinate amounts of time driving a peanut sized car around Australia and having herself photographed in front of big fruit landmarks. She also holds down a day job as a cranky old philosopher.
Love and thanks to the sublime and utterly dangerous, Miss Veronica for ensuring Janey is well dressed in all of her pursuits.
Janey…next time I get to Florida, I promise I will take a picture in front of the gigantic ice cream cone. Just for you.