The Mercy of Thin Air

At last, I can spill the secret after tempting you all the way back in February here.
That bare backed blonde on the cover is me! The photo was taken by my partner in crime, Burke Heffner and the cover was beautifully designed by the genius art star of New York City, Miss Anna Dorfman. Yes, this is what happens when you throw all of us together. I get naked, wearing some blonde bob, Anna and Burke work their magic and somehow it lands in stores all over the damn country.
I went into the Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue and there it was in a pyramid stack as soon as you walk in under “New Releases”. I let out a gasp loud enough that the man next to me uttered, “You must have been really looking forward to that book.” And I exclaimed, “That’s me on the cover! How do ya like that?” And he just nodded blankly, looked at me with my black hair and started inching away from me before I did something even crazier.
This book is in the Barnes and Nobles EVERYWHERE – as soon as you walk in, you’ll see it! I am so very proud of Burke and Anna for doing an outstanding job on the cover. I am so proud to know you both and I love you very much – thank you for letting me be a part of your adventure!
And with that, my friends, I’m off for the holidays. I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people at my shows in the past few weeks, and to have such inspiring friends surrounding me. The new year will bring a whole new look for Danger Dame, a newsletter, and more gorgeous dresses. I’m so excited to share that with all of you. Thank you for reading my journal, and sticking with this broad. Have a wonderful holiday season, wherever you are. And I will see you in the New Year – prepare to assemble for world domination – we’ve got a lot to do!