Miss Jennifer Danger – Dame Dame of the Week!

The first Danger Dame of the week for 2006! Introducing the fabulous Miss Jennifer Danger, aka Jennifer Dziura, who is wearing the Juliet Dress in photos taken by Ryan Brenizer.

I’m lucky enough to know this vixen in person. Not only does she have amazing style, she is insanely sexy, witty as hell and she gives Eskimo kisses to die for. Keep your eyes out for this dame…she’s taking over…trust me.
Jennifer Dziura is a comedian who co-hosts the Williamsburg Spelling Bee, a real, cabaret-style spelling bee for adults, soon to appear on Good Morning America. She runs a vaudeville show in Brooklyn which she has emceed in her Wonder Woman underwear, and she has appeared on the front page of the New York Times style section on the same day as Kate Moss. Jennifer satirically reviews sex toys on The Sarcastic Sex Toy Blog and blogs daily on Jen is Famous.
Yep, that’s right. Daily blogging.
You can cheat on my journal with hers if you want sometimes. I won’t be mad. She’s that good.