Corsets and Pretty Pretty Emails

Shooting for the IFC project yesterday as Bettie Page was probably one of the best days of work in my entire life. I can’t release photos until the project is released – which you will be able to see in January. But I might be able to show you some pictures of me, the fabulous Miss Aggie and one of my burlesque idols, Jo Boobs raising hell on the set and playing some serious dress-up.


Vintage Nylons.

Satin Opera Gloves.

Oh my.

Then when I got home, I found this beautiful picture in my inbox with a note ~
Dear Veronica of Danger Dame,
Your Lucy in Wonderland dress kicked total & complete ass. You sent it parcel post to me, lovingly wrapped in ribbons & pink tissue paper, and even included a handwritten note of thanks.
I wore your dress last night. I was trying for fatale.
I looked awesome.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Femme Fatales of the world unite! Viva la revolution.