An Open Letter to My True Love

My dearest.
Seven years ago today I first set eyes on you. In front of school on our way to shoot a film in Sleepy Hollow.
It all started on a road trip. The autumn leaves swirling in mini tornados in the sky. You sat basking in the gentle warmth of a November sunshine with your eyes closed. I fell in love with you that day.
I came home with a disposable camera filled with pictures of you. And the days and weeks that followed brought the ghost dock of the Titantic on the river, our first kiss outside under a full moon. You pedaling me around as I sat perched on the handlebars of your bike weaving through the city. I remember thinking how happy I would be if I could get just one Summertime with you and your bike – riding through the city together.
Summertimes and summertimes and summertimes ago. Had I even known that I would be riding on those handlebars once again in the Summer of 2006, perched on the front in my wedding dress – the music of the cans tied behind us hitting the road, I would have died a very happy girl. Summertimes and summertimes. And all of our precious autumns when the smell of the crisp air and the leaves swirling always take me back to the first day I ever saw you. You are the autumn for me. The beginning of the story of us on the Ninth day of November…
We’ve come such a long way together since then. My Dearest, you have stood by my side through it all, through the very depths of hell and through the magic of our dreaming and triumphs. I am honored to be your partner in this journey together. Our wedding changed my life – and I have never been more in love with you than I am right now. I am so grateful that we found each other again in this lifetime.
There are nights that I wake up and watch you sleeping next to me. And I just think to myself how thankful I am for every day that I have with you. I think of us being 80 someday – sitting side by side in our rocking chairs on our front porch filled with the strength and love of all of the beautiful stories of our lifetime. We shall always have our love for each other. For life. For adventure. For stories. The things that keep us truly alive – for now and for all days.
Burke, you are truly my hero. The person I would hope to be. I am so proud of your ability to dream so big and so brightly, and to weave those dreams into reality. The future is spread out before us like the open road. Long and beautiful stretching out to the horizon with so much sweet adventuring. Whispering. Calling us.
This year will bring us more roadtrips – filming cross-country – taking our story of Pocket and Blue, of you and I, and sharing it with the world.
The love we have will be made immortal.
So be it.
Happy Anniversary, my Love.