Pink Jewels and Spiders

I slept with pink jewels glued all over my body and painted vines wrapped around my legs last night. At the bottom of my tub right now, there lies pink crystals and glitter, that well, I didn’t want to clean up just yet. A pretty little mess.
Last night performing – watching the city glimmer from a Fifth Avenue penthouse with windows taller than I, even in borrowed pink and white 5″ heels loaned by the lovely Aprella. This city has filled me with lovely little stories, adventures, journeys – whispers that no other place could have ever taken me.
Thank you, New York City. Thank you, my fabulous band of three – who braved the cold, cold night to come hang out with me and glitter under the starless sky.
And to Dicie and Jim, who are embarking on a dream that starts tonight, I am thinking of you both. And wishing you bonbons and a life being treated like the king and queen you are til the very end of your days a long, long, long time from now.
And to everyone else in this city that I love and around the world who are dreaming their dreams and fighting the good fight… if I haven’t called you, it’s not because I don’t love you.
It’s simply because I cannot talk
(and I am feverish, which explains this entry).
Laryngitis Lovely.