Farewell, Aunt Lorraine

Last week, my Aunt Lorraine passed away suddenly. It has been a sad week for my family. During her life, Lorraine was the head nurse of the maternity ward. She delivered me into this world, along with thousands of other babies over her 25 years of service at the hospital.
She was always an extremely upbeat, caring and sweet woman. When I moved to New York, I was taking a singing class that I was terrified to go to on Mondays. It required me singing by myself in front of about thirty really trained singers. Every Sunday night, I would go to her house and she would listen to me practice my songs. I would always say, “Close your eyes!” and she always did and always gave me so much encouragement and support no matter how awful I thought I sounded. She always made me feel like I was the best singer in the world, so that when Monday came, it became increasingly easier to get in front of crowds. Through her support of my singing, I ended up accomplishing my teenage dream of singing at CBGB’s before it closed down.
She loved my Danger Dame site and she would tell all her friends about it. She always believed in me.
Every time I went to her house, she’d have out cookies she made, she’d always make me feel completely at home and safe. We would talk for hours together trading stories about all our crazy adventures.
At her funeral, I met so many other people that were touched deeply by her life. It seemed that it was just her personality to be happy always, to enjoy her life and to give back and help as much as she could to anyone she encountered each day.

I love you, Aunt Lorraine. You are deeply missed by all.