Miss Varlow Goes To Washington

Burke and I (in picture above together in Burke’s new calendar) are road tripping to Washington DC to be featured on the Bill Press Show which will be airing on CSPAN! The show will be featuring a segment talking about Burke’s calendar The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush that has been going crazy on the internet as one of the top creative gifts this year since we were featured on Boing Boing! and the LAist!
After canceling Thanksgiving this year to work on it even harder (and eat cold beans from a can for our fabulous dinner) – we’re absolutely freaking out (in a good way) that this independent project of Burke’s is getting out there. Thanks to you guys for helping spread the word! And thanks to Molly for schooling me in the world of press. And thanks to everyone – all the amazing wonderful people involved in it, and everyone working behind the scenes to make this happen.
It’s crazy. I think we’re actually going to pull this off.
Tune in! Tomorrow – Wednesday the 28th. The Bill Press show at around 7:10ish.
Meet you on the airwaves!
PS If you wanna be a part of the Lovely Mistresses “Street Team” – email me and send you some banners.