A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

This is a picture of a grapefruit tree, on our windowsill in Brooklyn, that Burke planted from a seed in a grapefruit. This tree has survived being blown out of the open window (when it was just small), freezing cold (when our heat went out) and just all the things that happens when you’re a grapefruit tree in Brooklyn.
It’s now about three years old and I’ve gotten really attached to it. For the past year, it didn’t grow at all and all its leaves dropped as if it were dying. We tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. Just recently, after a year of being close to death itself…it just started suddenly sprouting and it doubled in size.
I’ve been really touched by the little grapefruit tree’s progress. Seeing it come back to life again after so long rings true with so much that has been going on with me personally. After losing my best friend in August of 2006, this past year has been hard. Besides performing (which I love), I sort of stopped going out and doing the things I would normally do.
Out of nowhere, in the past month, so many good things have been happening. I truly feel that Jeff is putting the right people in my path and pulling me out of the sadness of losing him. Anytime I’m going on for a big show, or I’m really hoping to get a great possible gig – I talk to him because I know he hears me, and I know he looks out for me. I truly believe that with all my heart.
Now, so close to Jeff’s birthday, I just found out that I’m going on a 10 day European Tour with Emilie Autumn – I’ll be back-up singing (screaming!) and doing burlesque. I’m so excited for this extended tour! EA is absolutely amazing – and my good friend Aprella is on board to tour as well. I’m looking forward to an amazing end of the year adventure and so truly grateful for the magic happening right now.
The grapefruit tree and I are catching up on all the light we’ve been missing for a year….