Aprella and I landed in Germany this morning after 12 hours of traveling and really bad inflight films. Jetlagged and crazy, I passed out the second we arrived at the house. I just woke up again, and I’m not really sure where I am, who I am, what’s going on, or what time it is….. but whatever it is, I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I woke up to the sounds of Emilie playing downstairs – the music drifting up to our second floor room.
Emilie and Vecona arrived while I was sleeping. I opened my eyes and just curled up in bed a moment longer in the dark listening to the music downstairs and thinking about what amazing adventures the next three weeks will bring. All day I’ve had that hazy, out -of-body feeling like I’m dreaming. I keep feeling like I need to pinch myself to prove I’m really here. I walked down the stairs to Emilie playing the first few bars of “The Art of Suicide” – I followed the sound and peeked through the door. Moments later, surrounded by costumes and equipment, crystals and feathers – we were all standing in a room together once again. It’s been three months since I’ve seen Vecona, Emilie and Johnnie and to have all of us back together again is amazing. Today I met Lady Hoo Jee for the first time – she’s absolutely stunning and sweet. And tomorrow I finally get to meet Lucina and Ulorin Vex. Now I will know what it would be like if I had six sisters!
And wait until you see what we have planned for you.
Fasten your seatbelts.