Tour Diary Day 2

There is tons of crafting going on hidden in this house in the Black Forest of Germany. Emilie, Vecona, Aprella, Lady Joo Hee, Ulorin Vex, Lucina and I have been on the floor in a circle since morning, surrounded by hot glue guns, old Victorian lace, Swarovski crystals, vintage buttons, bows, tattered and striped materials, and of course, the beloved rats.
I spent the majority of the day hand gluing the Swarovski crystals to my pink fans (see pic above) to catch the light for my Brooklyn Bombshell burlesque act that we’ll be opening the Paris show with. This is a dream come true for me. In the beginning of the year even, I did a Vision Board with a photo of me from Revolver in the middle and pictures of international landmarks around it – one of which was the Eiffel Tower. Well, Eiffel Tower – in less than 24 hours I will have seen you with my own eyes for the first time. And in a teeny bit over 24 hours, I will have fan danced on a stage in France – covered in crystals. I will have performed with Emilie and the Crumpets – running around, spreading our own brand of the plague. The countdown has begun, the tour bus will be coming to pick us up in six hours to whisk us away. It’s going to be impossible to sleep (well, it is anyway with all the whispering we do back and forth all night to each other.)
Those of you coming to the show – you are in for such a treat! And you better hoot and holler – if your voice isn’t a barely audible husky whisper from screaming all night long the following day – I won’t be pleased! You know how to whistle, dontcha?! Welcome a girl to Paris right, will you? Remember, Dear Muffins…you are part of the dream, too!
Just wanted to update before we left…I will write more with lots more pictures when we arrive.
Back to crafting…..
x’s and o’s with sugar on top