And it Goes On…

Paris Fans
Above is a picture the beautiful Daedal took of my burlesque debut in Paris. It was a magical night indeed. The crowd was wonderful and I was honored to use my crystal covered fans for the first time. I took lots of pictures – but I have to upload them for you. I am living my life out of four suitcases right now and things aren’t so organized! The shows from the past two nights were high energy and fun for me to play around on stage again. And well, I got to kiss a bunch of plague rats in the audience. Including this one – before the show – Miss Daedal – supplier of the photos in the journal! We finally meet!
And then we tango in front of the Moulin Rouge.
We just arrived in Edinburgh and they have FREE wireless here backstage – so I am soaking it up for a few minutes before we have to put on our fancy costumes and our makeup.
And here’s one more of us on stage. I like this one, because I’m either laughing or talking to someone in the front row and you can tell how much fun I’m having.
On Stage
After the show and the autograph signings, we ran upstairs to the backstage showers and then packed up our stuff to get back on the bus to go. By the time we were leaving it was nearly 5am.
Things I