Our Day Off in the Forest

Today was the first day in a week and 1/2 when we weren’t driving or moving. I sleep like a baby on the bus (when I sleep!) and it’s really like one big crazy road trip with everyone. When I get backstage sometimes I feel like the room is moving like I’m on a ship because my body is so used to constantly moving and traveling.
Today we did our laundry. Right now, there are black and white stockings, red and white stockings and various underthings hanging on every spare part of the outside balcony. Our very own pirate flags of rock and roll laundry. Doris, our hostess, took us out on a walk in the forest for an adventure.
Would you like to come along?
There’s interesting little creatures…
evidence of Bunny's knee
where the wild things are…
evidence of Bunny's knee
and suddenly we came upon these….
evidence of Bunny's knee
evidence of Bunny's knee
Doris told us we were in Marchenweg in the forest which translates to faerie tale path. The community built faerie houses all throughout the woods. No one owns them…they are just in the middle of nowhere in the woods….a bunch of them, all spread out. So you’ll be walking for awhile and come upon many different little houses, tucked behind trees and streams and rocks. All I could think of was how much I wish Zina, Kai, Dicie and Burke were here to see this. We would be out there wandering for hours.
This is why I love Germany. They take their faerie tales seriously.
Pretty small flowers in all different colors where scattered about, thick beautiful moss like carpet grew everywhere, and a mist hung over the forest. I found smooth stones from the streams to bring back to the States with me. Walking through the forest was like being in a dark Hans Christian Andersen tale. My boots are coated in the thick mud of the forest which I will be happy to bring on stage with me tomorrow night.
My birthday is next Tuesday the 29th- and the girls and I are going to go down in the middle of nowhere in the forest and have ourselves a tea party.
Do you take sugar?