Secrets and Whatnot

evidence of Bunny's knee
Photo evidence that I am in fact, still alive.
I am in an undisclosed location in the US (which is definitely not NYC or anything like it) shooting a show for MTV. That is all I can say. For now at least.
What I can tell you…
Tonight, I shut out all the lights in my temporary apartment, blared music and danced around by myself in the dark for hours. I haven’t been able to find a place to go out dancing here yet, so I had to take matters into my own hands. I feel much better now.
The song Haunted (as the minutes drag) by Love and Rockets came on and after that one, I had to stop. One of the clubs that my friend, Jeff and I used to hang out in in Florida – the DJ used to play that as the last song of the night every time. It would mean it was 4am and it was time to go.
“So this is for when you feel happy…
and this is for when you feel sad…
and this is for when you feel nothing…
when the minutes drag.
This is for the tears that won’t dry,
And this is for a bright blue sky,
And this is for when you feel lucky……”
I just got on the computer before drifting off to a lalaland in this place of open skies and stars, and a bunch of my friends were doing this meme thing – posting pictures of themselves at that very moment. So above is me, in my apartment sequestered away after dancing my ass off for two hours. Taken less than five minutes ago.
Wherever you are tonight, wherever you read this…I hope you are wonderful..I hope your wildest dreams are coming true.
I will meet you there.
Somewhere out there under the sky of bright bright stars….