evidence of Bunny's knee
“And you may find yourself in another part of the world….
and you may ask yourself….how did I get here?”
This is what happens when you find yourself in a hotel in Germany and Emilie Autumn and Aprella knock on your door and kidnap you to play dress up with them before going out to a club in Leipzig.
Emilie gave me this beautiful pinkish short wig when we were dressing up…..and hell, we were going to be out all night roaming the streets of Leipzig and the film noir spygirl in me wanted to hit the cobblestoned streets in disguise.
Things you should know:
– The night this photo was taken…I did indeed dance all night long and collapsed in a pile with Em and the Crumpets in the middle of the dance floor at one point.
– I have not had much internet access, but rest assured, I am keeping a journal of the entire tour and I will blog about it as I have access.
– My dreaming life has been amazing – the gentle rocking of sleeping on the tour bus does that to me. And my waking life has been out of a dream. What more could I ask for?
Lucky key necklace? Check.
Living life on a tour bus crappy manicure? Check!
Bags on wheels with all the things you own piled in the corner? Check!
New camera to take pictures of all of these fantastic adventures? Check!
Red lipstick for poisoned kisses? Check!
In Finland now…doors opening in five minutes…..