We’re not dead yet!

evidence of Bunny's knee
This is one of my favorite photos in existence of my one of my best friends and crumpet sister, Aprella and I in Belgium on stage for our Spring Tour with Emilie Autumn.
It is to be noted, that this beautiful girl now has scars of half moons of my fingernails dug into her palms from our very intense flight home to NYC tonight. It should also be noted that she has my heart for forever.
Last night was our last show of 2008 for the tour and this morning, in a Toronto hotel room filled with takeout containers, corsets, glitter, lace and teacups – EA, Aprella, Contessa and I dragged ourselves out of our cuddle pile and less than two hours of sleep to board planes.
While I think planes are wonderful inventions, and let me come to see all of you all over this beautiful world…I must confess to dreaming of roaming in colorful vaudeville wagons like circuses of old. I was definitely thinking of this when the plane that Aprella and I were on was hurling through the sky as if it was being batted back and forth in some tennis match of the gods. I kept thinking that during all of our travels – international trains, planes and the Asylum tourbus driven so safely by Sir Herman – if we were to die during an hour long flight from Toronto to NYC, I was going to be pissed.
Aprella and I went to Six Flags back during the Summer – and the only time I could have fun on the roller coasters was when she grabbed my hand and we just looked at each other and screamed. See, Aprella loves roller coasters. And me, well….not so much. But she made it fun. So on the ride back home tonight – the only way I could even deal with the turbulence was to pretend we were on the roller coaster together. I curled against her shoulder and she gave me one of her earbuds to her ipod – and I deathgripped onto her hand and arm for the entire hour. At one particularly bad time (and by bad time, I mean I was having thoughts that we wouldn’t be alive another five minutes), the plane dropped suddenly, as it was simultaneously rocking side to side – we put our arms up in the air as if we were on a roller coaster and we both started laughing. Hey, if we were going out, we were going out good!
I didn’t realize that I could love Aprella more than I already do…but she made almost possibly dying in a small plane enjoyable and well, there are much worse things I can think of than dying clutching the beautiful Aprella’s hand, no? *wink*
So out of admiration, love and the fact that she rescued me from certain madness – crawling into a ball and screaming for an hour had she not been there – I wanted to post this picture. This picture captures so much about our friendship – laughing side by side, enjoying all life’s adventures (even scary small plane riding ones). I love you forever, Miss Aprella. Yes I do.
So now, as I write this, it is close to 1am and I just had a long hot bath in a room filled with candles. The tour was amazing – one of my favorites…I am already missing Emilie and my crumpet sisters so much. I am so grateful for the sisterhood and friendship we have. And I am grateful to all of you – and for those of you who were able to come out to the shows – we love you muffins SO MUCH. I might add that I especially adore the VKA, who are a force to be reckoned with indeed. Glittery poisoned kisses to all of you.
Now that I have internet access again, I will be sharing my adventures from the tour and each show that I kept in my little blue journal. So stay tuned.
I am now going off to the land of sleep – dreaming of the asylum and of seeing all of you there….