Bettie Page

evidence of Bunny's knee
“I was never the girl next door.”
And that’s exactly why I loved you, Bettie.
You were the original…nothing could beat your sass and your smile. You were and will always be a huge inspiration to me. You were able to let your inner light shine, that amazing lust for life you had and let the camera capture it. I was so happy to see a picture of you in your 80s with Hugh Hefner a few years back – still with your trademark bangs, still with that beautiful beaming smile. A wild heart like yours stays young forever. There will never be another like you.
Thank you for everything, Miss Bettie Page. Thank you for paving the way for so many of us who love and live pin-up. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous free spirit with the world. You definitely made a huge impact on my life – and I will adore you forever.