Good Morning!

Wisdom Tooth
Here’s a picture that Kelly took of me before the book reading show in Amsterdam. I was running to the dressing room through the main area and she asked to take my picture with her little bird that is traveling the world. So of course I did and of course, the bird had to get a kiss!
I love this picture because you can see all the beautiful fans in the mirror behind me. And the fans are indeed very gorgeous, very dedicated and very sweet. I am really looking forward to our next dates to see all of you again.
The tour bus will be picking us up at the hotel momentarily to take us to rehearsals – Aprella and I are going to be working on a new act together and I’m very excited about that. Also, there will be more new things that we are working on all together. You know how we love to surprise you and tease you – so that’s all I’m going to say for now.
I will say – that I finally passed out last night as birds were singing for the sun to rise and I woke up this morning with fluffy flakes of snow drifting down through the sky. I walked over to the window and pressed my forehead against the glass and a big very furry red German squirrel (I have never seen one before) – jumped out and was running around right in front of me. I really enjoy seeing new things all over the world, it makes me feel like I did when I was little and everything was brand new.
Okay, well, tour bus is downstairs and Captain Maggot is snuggled next to me and must be woken up! I will write more when I can. Off to work some magic! Have beautiful adventures today, my Loves….