Oh….About Last Night.

Wisdom Tooth
There are no known pictures from last night (thankfully). So this post is brought to you by some trouble making girls on top of a statue in Berlin. Namely, Aprella, Contessa and me.
What I can tell you about the last 24 hours….
*Laundry was done. Hallelujah. We pulled our suitcases off the bus and just sat in the parking lot sorting our clothes out. We are true gypsies of the road, sleeping on our treasures and airing out our dirty laundry for all to see. Now that’s rock and roll *Glamour!*
*Captain Maggot cut my bangs. I waited until she was sober, which happens somewhere during mid-afternoon. She did a damn fine job.
*We got dressed up and did the book reading with Emilie. The crowd was great and we were all fresh and showered. WOO! AND LUCINA joined us!!
*Afterwards, because the bus call was pushed until 4am, we decided we might as well get dressed up and go dancing….
* We paid Paul (our awesome crew guy) five euro to dance in a cage on the dance floor.
* After Dolores bought me a tequila and then Ewa bought me a tequila (have I mentioned how much I love them?) – we all ended up joining him.
* At one point in the night, Aprella was holding onto me in the hardcore metal room whipping her long, blonde hair all over the dance floor and swirling me around until we collapsed in giggles.
* Dolores, Ewa, Aprella and I were screaming lyrics to some old metal songs at the top of our lungs.
* Em decided she was going to mess with all the goth kids and we ran onto the dance floor and tried to get everyone to hold hands and dance with us in a circle and then fall on the floor and pretend we were rats.
* We danced like crazy – incorporating the “feed the chickens” dance from Contessa’s bollywood video into as many things as we could.
* We piled on the bus at 4am and then Em and I attacked a bunch of celery and peanut butter in the back lounge. We do attempt to be semi-healthy. We talked until 6am and I passed out in my clothes with all my make-up on.
* I woke up with red lipstick smeared all over my face. When I poked my head out of the bunk upon arriving in Frankfurt this morning, the first thing I saw was Ewa also poking her head out of her bunk, holding up an unidentified bra and saying, “What the hell happened?”
* I then had to half clean myself up because I heard that the VKA UK (yes, they flew in this morning…now that’s dedication) was out in full force and waiting in front of the venue and I didn’t want to scare them.
* I stumbled out of the bus with reapplied lipstick and got ready for this beautiful day in Frankfurt.
Happy Easter! (The venue here even put Easter baskets for us backstage. Yummy-yum. And psssst – for the people coming to the show tonight – Maggot hid chocolate eggs all over the club. Easter Egg HUNT!!!!!!!)