Emilie Autumn Fall Tour 2009!

Look out, USA, we are COMING FOR YOU!
evidence of Bunny's knee
That’s right! The unstoppable circus known as The Emilie Autumn Asylum Tour is coming to a town near you! The Sickest Show on Earth is ready to entertain you!
STEP RIGHT UP! We’ve got the plague and it’s spreading. You know you want it, too!
The USA FALL TOUR 2009 Pre-Sales start EXCLUSIVELY at the official website of Emilie Autumn on Friday, August 7th – 3:00pm local time for each city. This tour SOLD OUT ALL OVER EUROPE! This is the first full USA tour and it is expected to sell out quickly. Get your tickets now, push your way to the front and I’ll probably end up making out with you.
What the hell are you waiting for?
Get COMMITTED to the Asylum!!!