Spellbinding Burlesque Class

Spellbinding burlesque
The above photo was a candid backstage photo taken by John Bentham at Shanghai Mermaid, seconds before I was about to go on stage. I love this photo, because in it, I’m working my magic…you are actually witnessing a “glamouring” secret that has been passed down by generations of women in my family – it’s subtle, and you only know it if you are related to me, or if you took my Spellbinding Burlesque class. Yes, my Lovelies….I have a virtual arsenal of spellbinding secrets and magic…ready to be shared.
Yep. Those behind the scenes things that I worked on with Andrea on MTV’s MADE – tips and tricks to being confident and world dominating…..I’m giving them to you! My class is open to ALL women – all ages, all sizes, all backgrounds, all levels of confidence. You do not need any dance experience. While I will be teaching you a full number with “magic” moves to take home with you – the majority of the day will be based on – radiating confidence, finding the magic behind the REAL you, finding your Signature Style and basically owning any room you walk in to.
Whether you want to be a burlesque performer – or just have the confidence and sass of one – my class is for you! The last five classes I’ve done with the NY School of Burlesque have sold out quickly. I only have a few spaces left on this one – and this is your last chance to work with me in an intensive class before I leave for a month and 1/2 to tour all over the US, Canada and Mexico.
I invite you to be a part of our circle of bewitching bombshells. Your new life begins….. Saturday, September 26th – noon to six pm – sign up and get all the details by clicking here – The New York City School of Burlesque.
It’s a great class to take with a friend!
Here are some things my students have said:
“Veronica Varlow sees the beauty in You, and in falling under Her spell, you fall under YOUR spell. “Spellbinding Burlesque” is all about charm, sisterhood, and secrets!” – Coco La Pearl
“I loved the class! I wished it lasted FOREVER!” – Dame Beso
“Veronica – you gave us such great advice, opportunities, tricks, etc! Thank you!” – Miss Amanda Jones
“Your class is like a super-stylish, slumber party!” – Tallulah Luv
Let’s make some real magic together!