Keys from 1857….

……pretty pretty 152 year old works of art…..
As fate itself would have it, I came across a man who had a bunch of keys from his Great-Great-Grandfather’s brewery from 1857. I have long been fascinated by keys and locks – wondering what these keys once opened and whose pretty pockets they hid in. I imagine that the doors they once opened are long gone now and there lies a great freedom….
I was so excited to get my hands on these and found lush gorgeous black velvet ribbon to make necklaces with them. They are now secured with hooks and clasp in the back and in a vintage store in New Orleans I found the most beautiful Victorian ribbon to decorate them with.
I made all of them during the Leonids meteor shower on November 17th. I put my own good gypsy magic in them as stars were shooting and streaking through the skies. With every single one, I thought – may the wearer be able to open the doors of their true dreams…
It’s true that each key has its own personality – each one is one of a kind. Some more rusty than others, some more elaborate, some initialed, some marked with numbers of the doors they once opened….
When I have been putting them together, making them into necklaces, some of them don’t like particular ribbon and want a more flowing one, some want to be turned to the left or right – each one unique and antique.
I took three for my own and I’m bringing the rest of them on tour with me. So if you have the same obsession with keys and locks as I do – swing by the merch stand and take a pretty peek. I have a few also at Danger Dame.
I have been scouring antique shops on the road and I’m also coming up with new designs that I will be putting out on the European tour. I am a crafting junkie….I love making necklaces – I love putting good magic into them, and hell, I love looking out in the crowd and seeing a bunch of you wearing ’em!
See you on the road!