Thank You.

SO this is all of us, with me on the floor in the middle, taking one last picture for our US Tour 2009 in the mirror on the ceiling (where else would it be?) in the tour bus. At the moment this photo was taken, there was a blizzard going on outside in Wisconsin…we were moments away from a warm and wonderful hotel, but also moments away from saying goodbye until next time. Ten minutes after this photo was taken, we were all going our separate directions on our own wonderful journeys after a fantastic tour throughout the US/Canada and Mexico.
While I am sitting back in NYC right now, cuddled in a fuzzy leopard blanket with my little chihuahua, Niney – I just want to thank all of you who came out to support us and be a part of the tour.
I want to thank EA and my crumpet sisters for yet another amazing adventure that will go down in history. Road tripping with you across America was awesome (Flying J’s! South of the Border at 4am!) It just gets better and better. I also want to thank the people behind the scenes that made it happen – Hammer (our Stage Manager), Tammy (his wife and our Merch Girl), Melissa (our tour manager), Tim and Inky (sound guys for tours 1 and 2) and Cyd (our bus driver) – without them, we couldn’t have had our shows run so smoothly and easily. They really made me feel like I woke up every morning in good hands and every night on stage we were never alone – they were always there for everything we needed. This crew kicked ass. And for that I give sincere thanks and love. We truly were a family on the road in our tour bus home away from home.
And speaking of family – so many of you that would come out to show after show – I would look in the crowd and smile to see your familiar faces in new and different cities. We even invented secret signals I would do on stage to say hi (you know who you are…) and we would scream along to the words every night, we would dance until the wee hours and sometimes we would hang out for hours backstage, or on the tour bus, or afterwards when we would sometimes attempt to climb into a crashed plane on a mountain (or not).
On this tour, my Dad came out to see me perform for the first time in this show, dear dear childhood friends of mine came out to see me in Florida, in San Francisco and in New Orleans. Friends of mine I don’t get to see that often because of distance came out to see me in Seattle, in Kansas, in LA, in South Carolina and in Georgia. I even got to see my little sis, Andrea, from MTV’s Made. It was a reunion. It was a coming together. It was a This-is-your-life kind of thing and it was beautiful.
Also, I got a chance to meet gorgeous and dedicated VKA soldiers who I had only known from online and got to meet them in person (and sometimes drag them up on stage to kiss me!) Some of them made beautiful bras for me that were thrown at me on stage (hell yes) – some of them bought gorgeous underwear and threw that at me on stage (double hell yes) – some of them made me necklaces (one had a picture of my dog Niney on it!), and stuffed animals and handmade burlesque styled pins and t-shirts and so many things….. Yes. The VKA spoils me ROTTEN. And you have NO IDEA how much I appreciate all of that on the road. Reading the letters you write to me, cuddling with the stuffed animals you make in my bunk at night, smiling over finally getting a chance to meet so many of you after years of writing on the forum – PRICELESS. You make it all worth while. You make me get up and put that corset on day after day – it’s true. I love you all very very very much. I feel like the world is my home with you guys around. You make me feel wonderful every single place we go to…. I really feel such a connection with all of you – especially those of you who have reached out to me and shared your stories…. we are all a family. It’s really true.
Okay – so basically, yeah. I love you guys. Thank you for everything. See you in Europe in 2010! Wishing all of you so many great adventures until the next time…
Kisses. Kisses. Kisses….