Tour 2010

It begins again. The life of the traveling gypsy….
As I write this to you, I am hijacking internet somewhere nestled in the middle of nowhere in snowy, gorgeous Norway. We are more than a week into the European 2010 Key Tour and our comfy 1940s mint green double decker rolling house has traveled to so many beautiful cities. The tour has been a huge success – the crowds are fantastic, the fans are loud and amazing and well, Veronica’s Kissing Army is in full battle world domination mode.
This morning, I found myself on the second level glass room above the driver’s level which we affectionately refer to as the “tea room”, and throughout winding small roads of the Norwegian countryside, I watched the sun rise. The colors pierced through the fluffy snow covered trees and lit up the sky – fiery orange and red. I was cuddled in my blanket, the only one awake, watching the world start to stir. In those quiet moments, I thought about how grateful I am for this experience. How grateful I am to be able to get on stage every night in cities all over the world and be able to meet so many of you.
My body is getting used to constantly moving again. We perform and then get on our bus and move while we sleep and wake up in a new place everyday. There are quiet winding roads and the busy autobahn, bridges, tunnels, and ferries. We take them all. We live out of our suitcases and one big flight case that holds all the crystal covered costumes, Victorian lace, masks and feathers. We soak up as much beauty in a place as we can muster because before long, the road will be calling, and we will be back into our moving home and onto the next city.
There is great comfort in the familiar faces in the audience….our extended road family. Seeing the VKA in the audience all dressed up, with banners and signs and all the screaming makes me proud and makes me feel at home anywhere in the world. You have been coming from all over and spoiling us with handmade presents and gifts of magic (songs you made, faerie figures, magic gypsy necklaces, pretty tarot decks and candles) and gifts of comfort (pretty soaps and teas, comfy socks and mittens) and even a gift for my dog Niney (pink rhinestone collar!). Your love and sweetness to me on the road just makes my heart burst with thankfulness. You remind me that this is truly living – being able to perform doing what I love every night on stages of the world and at the same time build solid, supportive friendships with so many of you. We get to experience this journey called life together. And what a fun, wild ride it has been lately! Here is a pic of my amazing Kissing Army UK waiting outside of Wolverhampton NINE hours before the show in freezing weather. This is how I was greeted as I came off the bus… was a damn good day.
Thank you for opening your heart to me. Thank you for packing out the houses every night that we play. Thank you for playing with us. Thank you for waiting in this shivering cold for hours ahead of doors opening, thank you for making the audiences loud, thank you for being so very alive, thank you for making this a gorgeous, fun and unforgettable experience for me. This is a time we will remember always.
We are creating this together.
And we have only just begun.
See you tomorrow, my Oslo Beauties….I am so looking forward to being in your presence once again.