The Next Few Days….

will be very exciting for Lipstick Luvahs everywhere!
There are some people in my life who have truly inspired me with their actions and with their unstoppable drive to go for their dreams. There is one in particular who never ceases to amaze me with all that she dreams and does….and she is one of my best friends – Karen Robinovitz.
Karen helped change my life because she believed in me. She has a huge heart, a brilliant mind of ideas and makes a living loving what she does. And it shows.
Karen made her dream of Purple Lab Cosmetics a reality and now she’s going to be featured on the Home Shopping Network tomorrow, February 18th through the 20th! We always hear about people building beautiful empires from scratch…. now is your chance to be a part of making Purple Lab a success story for the history books. Karen is a true dreamer of dreams and a supporter of all who dream….I know. And she deserves this to be awesome.
Please RT and share with friends. I want everyone to be watching this go down! Let’s make this a success together!
Thursday, February 18th at 9AM and 8PM EST
Friday, February 19th at 12PM and 7PM EST
Saturday, February 20th at 2AM EST
When Karen is on her Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip gloss will be $22 and you can get TWO for $29.50 for these three days by clicking here.
I wear her lip gloss Red Sole every night on stages around the world. It is my secret weapon to the ultimate glitter lips. Apply and tap on loose red glitter! Voila!
Put this awesome event on your calendar and tune in, Lovelies. And as Karen always says, “MWAH!”