NYC Subway Adventures

Since the story below was not captured in a picture, I will instead post this photo of me to remind you that yes, sometimes I am silly. Sometimes I try to mimic a random picture of cotton candy with a face on it. And that’s okay. Anyway….
Today. I’m in the subway, on my way to an audition and I’ve got crystal encrusted flowers all over my hair, I’ve got the cause-a-wind-storm-by-blinking huge false eyelashes on, I’ve got the five inch heels, the vintage wiggle dress and blood red lipstick. Yes. At this point, both you and I are seriously doubting my logic in taking the subway. I should also mention it is 2 in the afternoon, so I’m surrounded by business casual Friday afternoon people who are also confused about this, too.
Anyway… I notice this huge, hulking, very intimidating guy across from me staring. Which, I mean, I’m a sight, so I’m not mad at that. But then the girl next to me gets up and gets off at the next stop and he stands up and sits down next to me. And when I say next to me, I mean – rightnexttome. In which the most genius conversation of my life then happens:
Hulking Guy: Hey! You’re pretty! What do you do? What are you doing?
Me: Thank you! I’m on the way to an audition. (Which was true.)
Hulking Guy: Oh really? For what?
And I have no idea what made me say this. But I looked him dead in the eye and said:
“RuPaul’s Drag Race.”
Thank you and Good night!