My Birthday….

I am beside myself with the outpouring of love through facebook, twitter, youtube, for my birthday. Seriously. Happy tears are rolling down my cheeks right now as I type this. I cannot even believe all of you beautiful people exist in this world. I am blessed and HONORED to have all of you in my life. You guys are my fucking heart and that’s the truth. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS THE BEST BIRTHDAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I am happy to know that all of you are out there in the world – living your dreams and making this world a better place.


Know that.

This is the year of world domination for all of us. All of my love, every single tiny drop of blood in my body and every pitter pat of my heart belongs to you…. I love you guys more than you will ever know…….. I could not have dreamed a better life….a better story…… Thank you for walking side by side with me on this amazing journey. You have changed my everything.